Clinical mentorship activities

Under support from different partners, Rwanda Paediatric Association is providing regular mentorship activities across 40 hospitals and 2 upgraded Health centres. To reach those hospitals, Enabel is supporting 14 hospitals while USAID INGOBYI activity is supporting 26 hospitals and 2 upgraded Health centers.

The mentorship activities offer the following benefits: Relationship oriented (mentor/mentee), Career development-driven taking a more holistic approach, Expertise transfer from mentor to mentees through learning and inspiration, Ownership: Mentee set the agenda and mentor supports this agenda and Friendly and participative, mentee allowed to interrupt and ask questions anytime.

The overall goal of mentorship is to reduce maternal &neonatal mortality and morbidity by improving the quality of new-born care in the next three years in Rwanda through (1) improving the  health worker skills in Neonatology and paediatric  units through innovative clinical mentorship and training; (2) improving the  care delivery systems in Neonatology units through innovation, improvement, planning, and evaluation tools, including strengthened real-time facility-specific performance data and (3) strengthening the  monitoring for essential equipment/supplies in Neonatology units

The mentorship includes but not limited to the following activities: (1) Ward rounds in neonatal/paediatric Unit,  (2) case presentations, (3) assist hospital staff in data interpretation, (4) Develop and follow up of mentorship action plan and Quality Improvement Projects, (5) Participation in-hospital death audits, (6) Advocacy to the hospital administration for different identified gaps, (7) Contact meetings with hospital staff and administration, (8) Teaching activities( bedside, onsite, trainings, case simulation, etc), (9) Sharing of mentorship reports and recommendations with hospital administration, (10) Data-oriented decision making for mentored hospitals and (11) Use of protocols practices.