Reducing newborn and child mortality and morbidity through improved quality of care

RPA extends its activities across 41 hospitals (Referral, Provincials, and District), 2 upgraded health centers, and 88 health centers in Rwanda


Child Advocate

We ensure that child health remains at the forefront of the national health agenda, and that the quality of paediatric health services provided to children under 18 is of the highest international standard.

Our Vision

Paediatric Services

We promote quality preventive, curative, palliative, and rehabilitative paediatric services; to enhance and disseminate evidence-based knowledge so as to improve policies and strategies for better paediatric practice

Our Mission

Paediatric Practice

We maintain the highest ethical standards of paediatric practice; adhering to the highest level of discipline while providing quality paediatric clinical services to our patients through a family centered approach.

Our Values

Healthy child, Our pride

Continually upgrading the practice of paediatrics and maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards through education and training;

Promoting child health rights and services through education, research and advocacy as well as through the provision of accessible, efficient, affordable, comprehensive health services;

Strengthening communication between association members and strengthening their skills in leadership, management, good practice while playing a pivotal role in the development and implementation of approaches aimed at improvement of child healthcare;

Improve Child health today, tomorrow and everyday

A Child Smile is not only a sign of happiness but also a sign of good health. We make sure every child nationwide has better health and that it is sustained. We sensitize families on the importance of a healthier childhood and how to contribute to it as they can

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